Monday Morning Quarterbacking!

Welcome to a special section of Epic Parenting, where we indulge in a bit of celebrity gossip mongering.  We’ve all read about Suri Cruise and her tendency to simultaneously rock a binky and kitten heels, or Willow Smith and her remarkable composure in the face of her impressive instant fame.  And we all think about what we’d do if we were the parents of those kids.  As much as Epic Parenting strives to be a judgment free zone, it’s almost impossible to not hold celebrities under a microscope in everything they do, even parenting.

So why fight it?  Monday Morning Quarterbacking will be a weekly feature, where we choose a story from the Hollywood parenting headlines, and deem it an Epic Win, or an Epic Fail.  To keep things even, we’ll also be including personal stories of our own Wins and Fails, and we’d love it if you’d do the same.  Check back here weekly, and indulge with us.

Our first edition of Monday Morning Quarterbacking, featuring Charlie Sheen and his Epic Fail

Our second edition of Monday Morning Quarterbacking, featuring Hammish Macleann and his Epic Win

Our 3rd edition of Monda Morning Quarterbacking, featuring Mariah Carey and her Schroedingers’s Epic

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